Square, Rectangular, Round And Oval Buckles For Men

Here’s a short story in four parts. It just goes to show the range of belt buckles for men that are currently available for purchase online. If you are caught with a square buckle around your waist it does not mean that you are square. Secondly, if you have chosen to go oval, it does not mean that you are effete. You have your own style and that is all that needs to be said on the matter. Thirdly, going round may be a bit on the outrageous side.

But then again, maybe that is all very deliberate. Some of you guys want to be noticed and that’s your right. Round or square, guys don’t forget your cowboy hat and boots. Or baseball or basketball cap of your favorite team and the matching sneakers to go with it. Once you have done and dusted your socks off on what belt buckles to go with what occasion, don’t forget you’ve all still got work to do. And many of you are still standard office bearers if you will.

belt buckles for men

You guys are going in all formal like. And if you have been enjoying the relaxation of dress codes for the office, you will have noticed and experienced that there is still a leaning to the formal side. When fitting on a pair of loafers or suit pants, err on the side of caution and good fashion sense by going with a rectangular belt. And there you go. A story covered in four distinctive parts. Four different shaped belt buckles for men to be precise.

Now, while the weekend guys get to wear their boots and sneakers don’t forget to keep your leather shoes for work square toed. It matches the shape of your buckle.