Reasons to Do Squats

Everyone wants to be in the best physical shape that they can be, and there are a number of different methods by which to reach this goal.  Diet and exercise are essential, but some exercises will work better than others depending upon what you are actually trying to accomplish.

Squats have become known as one of the best lower body exercises around.  Here are a few reasons why people love squats so much.

Not Just for the Lower Body

While the benefits of squats are extremely noticeable in the lower body, they actually do target your entire body rather than simply your legs and hips.  While you will definitely feel and see the effects of performing squats on your lower body, they can actually put your body into an environment that will promote overall muscle growth.

The intensity of the proper squat causes testosterone and human growth hormone to be released, which will promote muscle building in the entire body.

Can Make Normal Physical Activity Easier

Having a strong lower body makes a whole lot of other physical activities a whole lot easier.  For instance, stronger legs will likely help you to run faster and jump higher, which is definitely beneficial if you play sports.

However, squats can also help you perform simple activities like lifting things a whole lot easier.  It really is a very functional exercise when it comes to real world scenarios.

Helps Balance and Mobility

Performing squats properly on a regular basis will help you to build better overall balance and mobility.  Again, this is something that has great effects for athletes and non-athletes alike.  Being able to maintain your balance and your mobility can help you in many aspects in everyday life.

benefits of squats

These are just a few reasons why squats are so great.